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Nanticoke Hemp Inc has been working to perfect and scale the propagation of high CBD hemp genetics since 2017. In the spring of 2017, we received our first Hemp plants to produce a 5-acre outdoor plot. This plot was the first outdoor crop of Industrial Hemp planted in Broome County in over 80 years.

Shortly after we got our plants in the ground in 2017, we brought a few plants inside and began working to perfect our propagation methods.

Nanticoke Hemp is excited to be involved in the research and development of the Hemp Industry in the Southern Tier. We are working hard to define propagation techniques to ensure consistent quality and results in the Hemp plants we produce. Nanticoke Hemp utilizes many years of greenhouse experience and growing plants to refine the propagation process.

In 2018 we successfully propagated over 100,000 clones. Throughout the last 2 growing seasons for 2019 and 2020 we produced over 2,000,000 clones and over 500,000 seed starts for farmers throughout NY State. We look forward to working with other farmers and businesses within this Industry to expand and develop this emerging opportunity!


What Do We Do?

We are plant propagators. We work hard all year on cultivating high quality genetics that will perform well in the field. In order to scale to meet large acreage demands, we work with farms and develop a propagation plan that meets their needs. We know how take a vision to plant 100 acres of clones and turn that into a production and delivery plan. Furthermore, we follow up that delivery with multiple field visits to help ensure that crop meets the farmer’s objective.


Plant Propagation

  • - Genetic Selection
  • - Planning & Forecasting
  • - Propagation Logistics & Delivery

We are propagators of cuttings. We have worked for 3 seasons to perfect propagation techniques so that we can meet the needs of our customers. We continue to fine tune environmental controls and fertilizer regimens to maximize the potential of our stock plants for cuttings production. More importantly we understand what it means to produce a strong healthy starter plant to prepare for success in the field.

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CBD Processing

Wholesale Oil

We provide high concentration CBD extracts to manufacturers of CBD products. Our oils are extracted from high quality hemp biomass using a Supercritical CO2 method. Our crude is further refined into a distillate using a Short Path Distillation method.

Our facility is cGMP compliant with our most recent audit completed in June of 2020. We offer COAs of our product prior to sale. Sampling available if required. Our oils are shipped in 32oz glass Ball jars.

We sell bulk CBD oil to manufacturers of products. Our line includes but is not limited to:

  • - Winterized Crude
  • - Full Spectrum Crude
  • - Distillate
  • - Full Spectrum Distillate

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We offer tolling services to farmers who would like their biomass converted into oil. We recently installed our Supercritical CO2 extraction equipment and have been perfecting ever since. Our capacity is approximately 200 lbs of dried biomass per shift. We are able to run two shifts per day for a total of 400 lbs.

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"Hemp Propagation Proves Profitable for Bedding Plant Grower"

"While Nanticoke Gardens’ primary involvement with the hemp industry is propagation, Pete said the company offers more than just starter plants.

“We also handle the logistics for hemp farmers,” he says. “This was a missing piece of the process. We can sit down with farmers and plan out how much acreage they want to plant and the number of varieties they want to plant. We will devise a production schedule for them so that they know when the transplants will be shipped and when they need to go into the field. They can refine their production plan so that they know when to prepare their fields for planting and when they should plant. This logistics planning really helps our relationship with our farmer customers.”

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Why Choose Us

If you are in the New York or New England area, we offer an affordable delivery service that you can expect will arrive on our truck with our driver literally standing behind our product.

Our hemp facility has been built from the ground up beginning in 2014 with all the state-of-the-art technology that allows for ideal cannabis propagation. Our facility is equipped with heated concrete floors, sophisticated boom irrigation technology and 1000w high pressure sodium grow lights. We have created the ideal climate for growing stock plants, rooting cuttings and starting seed flats.

We take the guess work out of quality. Every single plant before getting loaded on at truck is pulled out of its container and check for roots and that the plant integrity meets our specifications. If it doesn’t pass the quality control test, it doesn’t make it on the truck. Plain and simple. Our investment in quality control is equally as important as our investment in our infrastructure and our soil.

Nanticoke Hemp Inc is committed to producing a clean crop by not using any insecticides, fungicides or herbicides on our Hemp crops. In order to do this effectively, we employ several preventative techniques.

First and foremost in order to be a good grower, you must be a clean grower. We clean and disinfect all our greenhouse space before we start a new crop. Secondly it is important to start with clean plants. Rather than depend on other greenhouse to provide us with starter plants for our propagation, we start our own.

Last, we employ millions of beneficial insects to prey on greenhouses pests that might harm our crop. We work closely with our vendors, some of the most state of the art pest and disease control researchers in the world. Nanticoke Hemp Inc uses the most comprehensive IPM strategies to deal with pests and diseases in the greenhouse. These strategies ensure that we select the right beneficials and apply them at the right time to provide effective protection. The process has become so involved that we now breed insects in house to control greenhouse pests for us.