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Frequently Asked Questions - Processing

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We can process approximately 200 lbs of biomass per shift. This is our minimum quantity.

While Ethanol has it’s advantages for larger scale extraction, we feel CO2 can produce a wider variety of products for the craft market. We are able to collect terpenes from your biomass and add them back in to your oil at the end of the process for a full spectrum product.
Further we believe CO2 is much better for the environment than many other solevent types. CO2 has gained a reputation for being the cleanest, safest and most cutting edge method for extracting products.

We recommend you ship your biomass in open wooden apple crates lined with plastic liners or large white totes, also known as super sacs.

Unfortunately at this time we are not prepared to purchase biomass outright. As we are also a grower of hemp plants, we have our own grow and our own biomass that we process at this time.

We will ship in 32oz glass ball jars typically used for canning. This is currently industry standard. If larger containers are required, we will discuss before using.


Our last cGMP compliance 3rd party audit was successfully completed in June of 2020. All of our staff has been trained in cGMP compliance and our process is very refined ensuring that we follow the same steps in each lot and batch to ensure consistency in quality.

Whenever possible your product will be delivered by us personally. When this is not possible, we will ship via USPS with tracking.

According to our cGMP SOP we require testing of the biomass before entering our facility for: Cannabidiol profile, pesticides and heavy metals. Prior to your oil leaving our facility it must be tested for: cannabidiol profile, pesticides, heavy metals and microbials.