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Planning & Forecasting

Some farmers grow for flower, others grow for biomass.
Some farmers grow 1,500 plants per acre, some grow 3,900 plants per acre.
We work directly with the farmer to understand their goals and suggest genetics that will achieve those goals.

Below is a chart plotting the weekly test results of the different varieties we grew in our trials throughout 2019.
This chart highlights the different times the CBD levels would peak by variety during the harvest season.

During summer trials, we begin weekly testing of each genetic variety to determine Cannabidiol profiles to determine when the plant will hit its peak levels throughout the harvest season. We use this information when informing our partner farmers when the right time to harvest will be for that particular genetic variety.

When selecting which seed genetics to grow for our customers, we chose those seed companies that have proven track records with experience and data to back up their claims.

Propogation Logistics

Once the plan is established for the variety and quantities of plants, we get to work. This involves spacing out the production of those plants to meet the planting goals of the farmer. If the farmer is looking to plant 10,000 plants a day, we will produce 10,000 plants a day with enough time to root those plants and harden them off in the greenhouse before they go to the field.


Delivery Services

For regional customers, we offer grower truck delivery. For customers outside of our region, we will organize delivery direct to your farm.

Why Choose Us

If you are in the New York or New England area, we offer an affordable delivery service that you can expect will arrive on our truck with our driver literally standing behind our product.

Our hemp facility has been built from the ground up beginning in 2014 with all the state-of-the-art technology that allows for ideal cannabis propagation. Our facility is equipped with heated concrete floors, sophisticated boom irrigation technology and 1000w high pressure sodium grow lights. We have created the ideal climate for growing stock plants, rooting cuttings and starting seed flats.

We take the guess work out of quality. Every single plant before getting loaded on at truck is pulled out of its container and check for roots and that the plant integrity meets our specifications. If it doesn’t pass the quality control test, it doesn’t make it on the truck. Plain and simple. Our investment in quality control is equally as important as our investment in our infrastructure and our soil.

Nanticoke Hemp Inc is committed to producing a clean crop by not using any insecticides, fungicides or herbicides on our Hemp crops. In order to do this effectively, we employ several preventative techniques.

First and foremost in order to be a good grower, you must be a clean grower. We clean and disinfect all our greenhouse space before we start a new crop. Secondly it is important to start with clean plants. Rather than depend on other greenhouse to provide us with starter plants for our propagation, we start our own.

Last, we employ millions of beneficial insects to prey on greenhouses pests that might harm our crop. We work closely with our vendors, some of the most state of the art pest and disease control researchers in the world. Nanticoke Hemp Inc uses the most comprehensive IPM strategies to deal with pests and diseases in the greenhouse. These strategies ensure that we select the right beneficials and apply them at the right time to provide effective protection. The process has become so involved that now we even breed insects in house to on greenhouse pests for us.